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  • Modell Nr.: tcf-F04
  • Anwendung : Industrielle Magnet
  • Form : Coil
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  • Trademark: OEM
  • Packing: Export Packing
  • Standard: ISO9001, SGS, RoHS
  • Origin: Zhejiang
  • HS Code: 8504901900
  • Production Capacity: 10000t/Year

Features of T-coreT cores, toroidal EMI bead cores, i. E. EMI suppression core for cable. It can be a common or differential mode easily by cable winding. Minimal effect on transmission waveforms. Provide low cost noise countermeasures right at the data lines. T cores can be added as Frist-Aid, on the Spot counterm-asures when equipment or devices fail. The ring configurations T cores provide the ultimate in utilization of the properties of ferrite. ApplicationEMI absorbing ring often used to suppress power line, interference of signal line, it also has the ability to absorb static pulse. 1. Directely set in a or a bunch of power or signal lines, in order to increase the absorption of energy interference can be repeated more than a few laps around; 2. With EMI magnetic mounting clip is suitable for compensating interference suppression; 3. Can be easily caught in the power lines, signal lines; 4. Flexible, reusable installation; 5. Cassette fixed, does not affect the overall image of the device. Ordering CodePlease contact me for further details, we can offer the ferrite cores in according to your requirements.

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